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Tub Chairs Add A Luxurious Look To Your Setup

Fake leather tub chairs can give a luxurious look to a bathroom without the expensive price tag attached. Many of us associate leather with elegance and class. Unfortunately, the word "leather" itself almost always requires an up-front fee.

What many of us don't realize is that fake leather actually comes from several different materials. Some of the more common materials used are faux leather, nylon, vinyl, and synthetic leather. Each type has its own set of benefits and disadvantages. Let's take a closer look at each of these materials so you can make a better decision when it comes time to buy a chair.

Faux leather is often sold as real leather, because it looks and feels just like real leather. It is usually made by blending the natural oils found in the skin with a synthetic oil. It does not have the same insulating properties that are found in real leather. When compared to real leather, the synthetic material costs less, doesn't crack or wear as easily, and is easier to clean and maintain.

Vinyl is a synthetic leather substitute that is also commonly known as faux leather. It has similar qualities to real leather. The synthetic material is very smooth and flexible. It can be molded to look just like natural leather and can last for years. However, the synthetic material isn't as hard wearing as real leather and tends to peel over time.

Synthetic leather is a low cost material that can be used on bathroom furniture. It is often made with a plastic resin that has been injected into the leather to give it the same characteristics as genuine leather. If you want a cheap imitation that looks and feels like high quality leather, this would be a good choice.

Finally, synthetic nylon is another choice for a tub chair. It is similar to nylon sheets used on a bed, in that it is light weight and durable. It is more durable than real leather and has the ability to be molded and painted to mimic the look of genuine leather.

So, when you go shopping for faux leather tub chairs, you should know a little bit about the materials that go into making them. You will find that most of the chairs sold today are made using one of these three different materials. There are other materials that are also used but have not reached as widespread popularity as the above mentioned materials.

While real leather is a very traditional material, vinyl and nylon are both more trendy than ever. They both offer their own advantages and disadvantages, however, so you will probably want to make sure that you are buying your chair with the type of material that is going to be best suited to your style and decorating needs. This should include knowing the pros and cons of each of the materials.

Remember that some chairs are simply not appropriate for your decor if they do not fit well into the room or decor of your home. So, be sure to buy a chair that is going to work for your needs before you go out and buy it. You might be surprised at just how affordable the faux leather tub chairs are!