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Australia education system

Application Procedure To Study in Australia

An Australia Senior Secondary Certificate of Education is required to study undergraduate courses in Australia. It can also be obtained from an overseas equivalent such as a 10+2 certificate from an Indian board. Some undergraduate courses may require you to have a specific subject. A bachelor's degree is required to be admitted to master or postgraduate courses in Australia. 

The master’s degree can be earned one year after the completion of a Bachelor Degree with Honors or two years following a Bachelor Degree. Send inquiries at least 12 months prior to the date you plan to apply for admission to Australia if you are interested in studying there. You can do it with the help of Urban Student.

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This means you will need to narrow down the Universities you wish to apply to before that. You have two options to apply for a study permit to Australia.

o The Application Forms can be requested via email from universities' websites. Many universities offer an online application form that can be filled out.

o Many universities offer a ready-to-print and downloadable version of their application forms online. These forms can be used to apply just like regular forms.

Students can get help from University representatives in many countries. Many authorized representatives from Australian Universities can help you obtain the application forms. Most courses at the University level are offered from March through November. The year is divided into two semesters. Some institutions also offer a trimester system. 

Many universities in Australia offer summer schools that run from December through February. Students can enroll in their courses for Undergraduate and Postgraduate courses at the start of the academic year. For certain courses, enrollment at Australian universities is possible in the middle of the year.