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Bed Bugs – A Serious Problem For Property Owners

Bed bug infestations have risen exponentially over the last three years causing fear among homeowners, coop members, and property managers. There are many bed bug complaints received by the property owners.

The problem is not limited to one city and other large metropolitan areas. In recent years the ancient scourge has been cut in all 50 states. The evening news, local newspapers, and the blogosphere are full of reports of bed bug infestations. To get rid of bed bugs you must hire bed bug professionals. To hire you can bed bug experts via premiercaninedetection.

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Many sites dedicate themselves to pinpointing the latest infestation sites and warning buyers and tenants to avoid. Luxury hotels have been sued by angry guests. Bed bugs have been reported in fashionable condominiums, luxury apartments, college dorms, and in upscale suburban homes.

Bed bugs are hard to kill. They have a hard cuticle for protection, can live for more than a year without eating, and hide in small cracks and crevices so hard for exterminators to reach them.

Their eggs are small (about the size of a pinhead), translucent, and pearl white. Household insecticides will not kill bed bugs and can cause them to spread as they seek newly hidden.

In laboratory tests, these "super bed bugs" survived commercial pesticides at more than 10 times the recommended dosage. Researchers sprayed laboratory bed bugs and bugs from four different apartment colonies with insecticide pyrethroid, the most common professional insecticide used to kill bed bugs.

When sprayed, the laboratory bed bugs, which have never been exposed to insecticides, which was destroyed; however, there were some moralities among the apartment bed bugs.