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business phone systems

Different Features Of Business Phone Systems

Small and large companies can use business phone systems to manage inbound and outbound calls. They have many features that are different from residential phone systems. Business phone systems must be able to take multiple calls simultaneously and also transfer calls within the company.

The following features may be found in today's top commercial phone systems:

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Multiple lines: These multiple lines allow employees the ability to switch between calls, making it easier to handle high call volumes. Your business's size will dictate how many lines you require for your business phone. For small businesses, you may only need two to four lines.

Automated attendant: An automated attendant answers calls and directs them to the appropriate team member.

Voicemail: Voicemail systems are available for business phones and can store voicemail messages. They can transcribe the voicemail and email it to employees by text message or email.

Conference calls: Meetings can be arranged by phone with multiple participants in the conference call. Remote employees will appreciate this feature.

Call forwarding: Calls can be forwarded from one number to another or to an email address.You can record a message to let people on hold know you will answer their calls as soon as possible. While the caller is waiting, you can also play music on the line.

Handset Support: Modern should work with both wired and wireless headsets.

The best phone system for your company will give you the features you want at a cost you can afford. It is important to carefully consider the options for your phone system.