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outdoor LED advertising trailer sign

How LED Display Signs Work

LED display signs work by electroluminescence. It is described as an optical phenomenon and an electrical phenomenon that occurs when a material emits light in response to an electric current flowing through it. 

LED displays are more powerful than fluorescent lamps and are also known to be more durable in the long run. You may have seen LED signs at various locations around the city, including shop signs and traffic warnings. You can also get information about solar LED advertising trailers via the web.

LED Advertising Display

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The latest LED display sign technology makes setup and travels easy. The signs can be transported by car or truck, as they can be easily folded and re-opened quickly. These signs can also be attached to other objects such as poles or trailers. 

Today's LED displays are very easy to program. They can be customized from a home or business computer, a wireless PDA computer, or directly from a tablet.

The latest LED displays have personalized messages as well as variable messages. For example, LED traffic signs can recognize the speed of an oncoming car and display a specific message. 

This can be done by combining a variable message token with a radar speed monitor. The LED display sign can also send a standard message to various signs throughout the city.

If your business can use multiple LED signs, consider All Traffic Solutions Company, part of Intuitive Control Systems. They offer bespoke LED signs for a variety of industries, from urban communications to local advertising.